To the manner born


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They bought a pair of shoes
To match my shiny suit
It's the look that sells and counts the most
Even when you rot
Clock ticked down to the end
Never stopped, looked back again
Always strived for more
And chased the score
While slowly fading out

My mom she told me son
We've invested, it's your turn
Love measured by the scheme of quid pro quo
And capital assets
Blueprints of success made
Guidelines that you obey
Or you may not
But it's a hard
World of disinherited

And you feel yourself falling apart
Nothing to cling to and no brand new start

And their machine will hunt you down
Paper gods and paper clowns
Will lead your way
Before you know
Now they're coming for your kids
Teach them consumption, cheap dog bits
Sit down, stay, roll with guns
Freedom is at stake

To protect my status quo
I will become a hoe
Not of society
But an outcast of myself
Mammon laid his hands on me
Fear of authority
Now my selfishness and greed
They have put me down to rest




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SMELSER Bratislava, Slovakia

Adam - guitar
Erik - bass
Robo - guitar
Andrew - vocals, drums

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